1-21-2018 – Cazadero, and all the Little Things

On Saturday I ventured out with my Light L16.  The morning was cold, the sun was out and there was spectacular fog on the Russian River.  There’s a spot I like to stop at and it looked just as I’d thought it would: Blue sky, green forest, white layers of fog on top of the river and mixed into the trees.  I got out to take pictures, and… No power in my camera.  I was able to snap one shot with my iPhone.

So on Sunday, I thought I’d go back out.  However, there was no beautiful sun.  So the only picture I grabbed of the fog was the one with my iPhone the previous.  However, I stayed close to the house and went on a short walk today with my partner. Today is about the little things, the moss, the rocks, the mushrooms, all of the things that we walk past and don’t normally appreciate.  There’s beauty all around if you just pay close enough attention!

“The street that you live on is brush strokes on canvas
You’d see it if you turned around
The sky fell last wednesday and broke into pieces
And every shard made a sound

But it’s nothing new, happens each day
And everyone turns away

It’s the clock in your kitchen, it’s the faces of children
It’s the rising, the falling, the lost, the lost and the found”

– Peter Mulvey


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