Mark Who?

I started my blog in 2008 (12 years ago at the time of this update). It was originally meant to be my quips about Aikido. I populated it quite a bit for a few years but I haven’t done much updating for quite some time. I was maintaining my other website at using it as a photography site and in 2020 I decided to consolidate back onto my original domain at All of my images have been moved over from and all posts have been imported here as well. Here is more info about my ongoing photography efforts.

In November of 2017 my fiancee and I moved to the small town of Cazadero, California.  Cazadero is 20 minutes from the coast and 10 minutes from the Russian River.  It has been a dream of mine to move into this area for quite some time.  While I knew and appreciated the beauty out here, I underestimated my sheer amazement at how beautiful the forest area in Cazadero is.  Redwoods, oaks and maples fill the forest with life.  Fern lined rock walls, and the Austin Creek make this place magical and amazing.

I remember when I first started out taking pictures.  I started to notice that there is beauty everywhere I looked, if I just looked hard enough.  As a photographer, it can be awesome to trek up mountains, into the snow, into the jungles, or wherever one takes them to see and photograph amazing things.  But I contend that you can find beauty everywhere.  I hope to honor this sentiment with this journey.

This move coincided with the delivery of the Light L16 camera.  I had preordered this in November of 2015 and after a few starts and stops, the manufacturers finally delivered it.  So far I’ve greatly enjoyed the flexibility this camera brings and as I drove and took my first set of pictures with it,  I wanted to record my appreciation of the surroundings while using the Light L16.  I am excited to partake in this venture.  You will probably see me shuffle pictures around and recategorize a bit, but I hope to show the grace and beauty of this area.

In addition to my love of photography, I have practiced the art of Aikido for over 30 years and have achieved the rank of nidan (second degree black belt).  I have practiced Yang style short form tai chi for over 10 years, and am an avid guitar player, having played most of my life.   By day, I work as a support engineer for American AgCredit in Santa Rosa, CA.

I live with a loving partner who practices flower essence creation, herbology and shamanism.  You can find her and her practice at, and I am a parent of a wonderful grown son, Steven.

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  1. rhill says:

    Subscribed! 😀

  2. TanDao says:

    Looking Good!

  3. Rob Appelman says:

    I want to bring aikido back in my live and get good energie from people who write positive about it. Thanks for your inspiring site.

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