1-15-2018 – Coleman Valley Road, Elephant Rock, Duncan’s Cove Beach

On Monday I had some time to take a drive out to the coast, come down through Coleman Valley Road and then out to Elephant Rock near Dillan Beach.  Hard to shoot in mid day but there were some great finds, in particular, the abandoned car that was in the process of being reclaimed by…

12-31-2017 – On my deck, Cazadero

It’s New Years Eve.  My partner calls out to me to look at the moon.  It’s a beautiful night in Cazadero on this last day before 2018.  Being here with her, having the moon rise to say good bye to this year, I can’t think of a better way to spend the new year. And…

12-25-2017 – Jenner

I had a feeling that this evening would have a spectacular sunset so I headed up to Jenner to try and catch some of it.  The evening was breathtaking!

12-23-2017 – Austin Creek Road

As I was coming home from some errands, I decided to take a slight detour and drove up Austin Creek Road where it intersects with Cazadero Highway at 3 Mile Bridge.  I found this very serene spot on the creek right next to the road.