1-15-2018 – Coleman Valley Road, Elephant Rock, Duncan’s Cove Beach

On Monday I had some time to take a drive out to the coast, come down through Coleman Valley Road and then out to Elephant Rock near Dillan Beach.  Hard to shoot in mid day but there were some great finds, in particular, the abandoned car that was in the process of being reclaimed by the earth.

Winding up Coleman Valley Road, the road is beautifully tree lined and there are several locations that give a stunning view of the coast where you can see North of Jenner.  There is a nice place to pull over and sit.  On a quiet day when the wind is still, you can hear the flapping of a birds wing as it flies by.

Elephant Rock is an amazing place.  It is a couple miles from the coast and the rocks sit on pastural lands with glimpses of the Pacific Ocean.  It is truly breath taking and would make for a great place to shoot for a nice sunset.


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