1-25-2018 – Aikido of Sebastopol

I’m taking a slight detour from my normal bout of nature photos.  Aikido is an important part of my life but since I moved it is hard to get to Petaluma during the weekdays.  So on Thursdays, I attend class at Takemusu Aikido of Sebastopol.  I was anxious to try the L16 out in indoor light, with movement and this was a great opportunity.  My training partners Sam and Daniel were gracious enough to allow me to photograph them.

I’m presenting the images side by side.  All images were exported as full size DNG files. The colored images are not touched, the black and whites were processed in Light Room using the Silver EFX Pro 2.0 plugin, contrast, brightness and vibrance was played with and there was cropping on a few.


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