Week 3 day 2 – corrections and trivia

I just realized the last post I put up said “Day 3, week 2” when it should have been the other way… Week 3, day 2. I will correct this.

I don’t have much but still feel the need to post past 140 characters via twitter. I went to Aikido last night. Sensei teaches Thursdays and Saturdays. it was good to see him and the class. Apparently, the bulk of the dojo is up for their next rank at the next test in about 5 weeks. I’m happy for them but feel a bit put out that I was not one of the candidates. However, it’s obvious why I am not. They put in the time and I have not. They have dedicated 3 or 4 days a week and for the last 6 mos I was averaging 2 days a week at best. I didn’t show up at all for the month of October. So, while I’m a little put out, it’s clearly my issue. The training is there and it’s available for me, I need to show the discipline to at least show up.

By design, Aikido does not have competitions. O’ Sensei believed that the only competition and only victory can be over one’s self. So rather than put out, I will work on the competition within. “True Victory is self victory, right here right now.” I wish my fellow classmates much luck in this round of Kyu tests and will be there to help them as their peer.

Onegai Shimasu!

ps. Week 3 Day 3 went pretty well actually.


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  1. Linda Eskin says:

    Great attitude, Mark. I really like the… I don't know… safety? of knowing one's sensei will not promote just because it's time, or whatever. We wouldn't want to miss what's available at *our* level. There's no point in getting to the next if we aren't done with this one.Happy training,Linda

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