12-26-2017 – Sunset Beach, Duncans Mills

Found Sunset Beach Regional Park. This is a small regional park near the Korbel Winery.  Later this evening I went to take pictures at the stores in Duncans Mills.  Lots of Christmas lights were up.  Part of my process is to see progress.  I wasn’t too happy with the night shots, but found that if…

12-25-2017 – Jenner

I had a feeling that this evening would have a spectacular sunset so I headed up to Jenner to try and catch some of it.  The evening was breathtaking!

12-23-2017 – Austin Creek Road

As I was coming home from some errands, I decided to take a slight detour and drove up Austin Creek Road where it intersects with Cazadero Highway at 3 Mile Bridge.  I found this very serene spot on the creek right next to the road.

Dakota Access Pipeline

I just found out that an oil company is going to create a pipeline to distribute oil to San Jose, CA!  They are going to start drilling in Santa Rosa, and then create a pipeline that goes underneath the San Francisco Bay, through San Francisco and Colma, CA down into the south bay to San Jose….

Connections to my Guitar and my Aikido

As a requirement for my upcoming Aikido nidan (2nd degree black belt) test, I have been asked to write an essay.   I have written about music and aikido previously but this exercise gave me a chance to look a bit deeper at how the two arts of music and Aikido have crossed paths and…

Older Work

Before I started shooting with the Light L16, I shot with the Canon Rebel XT, and the Canon T3i.

Surrendering to the Art of Peace

I just checked the last time I posted something. It was in September of 2013. It’s been a really long time since I’ve written publicly but I have a few things on my mind and wish to share. I had a beautiful eye opening experience this weekend with my wonderful partner and it’s given me…

Do you have to be a good fighter to be a good martial artist?

My friend Lawrence Tan of Tandao Kung Fu posed the following question on Facebook: Question: Do you have to be a good fighter to be a good martial artist? I think that this is a good question to ask.  I’ve thought about this question a bit today since he asked it and I think that…

O Sensei’s Calligraphy

On June 1st I caught the Saturday morning classes of a weekend seminar at Sophia University led by Robert Frager Shihan, a direct student of O Sensei.  The two hours that I spent there was very lucrative.  Sensei Frager is an energetic, joyful and very knowledgeable Aikido teacher and it was a sincere honor to…