Dakota Access Pipeline

I just found out that an oil company is going to create a pipeline to distribute oil to San Jose, CA!  They are going to start drilling in Santa Rosa, and then create a pipeline that goes underneath the San Francisco Bay, through San Francisco and Colma, CA down into the south bay to San Jose.  They are going to have to dig up much of Colma, where most of the land they dig up will be the cemeteries.  They are deciding that they need to do this to get their oil from up here in Sonoma County down into San Jose.

Could you fucking imagine how that would go over?  We would be outraged.  There would be blow back, law suits, injunctions, protests, and plenty of people saying that this is simply an unspeakable act.  My grandparents, uncles, cousins, sons, daughters, fathers, mothers, best friends, brothers are buried in Colma.  Digging down beneath the bay is a disaster waiting to happen.

So why then are we all not outraged at what’s happening in the four states of North and South Dakota, Iowa and Illinois.  The Dakota Access Pipeline will

Threaten the Missouri River, one of the largest water sources in the united states

Desecrate Native American burial grounds

Threaten agriculture and the environment

The powers at be behind this show their intent and wanton disregard of life or the environment when they bring in private security firms, attack dogs and pepper spray to attack the peaceful protests of the gathering native American tribes exercising their first amendment rights of free speech and peaceful assembly.  The hubris of their actions is stunning.

The following post shows some things that we can do even though we cannot be there in person.

12 ways you can support the water protectors and Dakota Pipeline protesters at Standing Rock

Just as important, spread the word.  If main stream media does not show this, then we should create a groundswell of awareness by writing about this, sharing on social media and contacting your government officials.  There are a few listed in the article linked.

This madness brought on by corporate greed has to stop.  This is not just about the pipeline, but about the continued destruction of our precious resources.



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