This Too Shall Pass

I was inspired today reading a passage in Eckhart Tolle’s “A New Earth”, about a king who observed a wise man and wanted the qualities this wise man possessed.  The king said, “I will give you anything you wish if I can be like you.” The wise man told him that he didn’t have enough in his kingdom for what this was worth so he would give this to him as a gift.

He went away and a few weeks later he came back.  He gave the king an ornate box made out of jade.  When the king opened it he found a simple ring in it with the words, “This too shall pass” inscribed on it.  The wise man said, “Whenever something happens, before you pass judgement that it is good or bad, touch the ring and read these words.  That way, you will always have peace.”

This is a reminder not only that the strife in our lives will pass, but also the good things will pass too.  All things are fleeting.  It’s an interesting thought for me to ponder on my birthday.

I thought about that a bit this morning over my celebratory spinach bacon and cheese omelette and it inspired me to put some music down on disc that’s been banging around in my head.  I hope you enjoy:


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