Week 3 Day 1

I’ve decided that 140 characters are not sufficient to relay my thoughts for my morning work outs. Read it, don’t read it… it’s ok! 😀 These are for me to reflect on. So it’s ok if you roll your eyes. It’s ok if you don’t read. I’m going to commit to these posts for a period of 4 weeks. That will put me at week 6 by the time I’m done. So…

Some things I noticed:
Today there was a beautiful sun rise in Northern California. The hue of red and gold and blue that God painted on the sky was truly spectacular. Before I walked into the gym I took a moment to look, breath in and breath out.

I do have been doing the 30 minute circuit at my gym. This is similar to the Curves set up where there are step stations and weight machines, 10 each, interwoven so it’s machine, step, machine step, etc. They have a light that turns green for 60 seconds and red for 30. On the first station for 60, off for 30, onto first stepstation for 60, and off for 30 till you’re done. My first goal in this is to do this consistantly. I’ve committed to MWF in the AMs. I did this for two weeks and now I’m on to my third.

This third week I want to add two more activities. I haven’t been to Aikido in about a month due to work being so crazy but I’m yearning to go back. I will do that today with my son. I will try and get a walk around the building a couple times sometime this week as well.

My biggest two issues have been (not just for exercise but for many things) patience and discipline. This process is a good exercise in building both.

At many Aikido dojos, we greet our partners with the term, “onegai shimasu.” It roughly translates to “Shall we begin?”. I think about this today, because regardless of whether class has begun, is almost over, are training partners stepped on the mat today or have been training along side us for years, we still say, “Onegae shimasu.” I hear this in my head to myself, “Onegae shimasu, Mark. Shall we begin, Mark?” I answer with a resounding yes!


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