12-30-2017 – Cotati, Occidental, Monte Rio, Austin Creek Road

Saturdays I attend an Aikido school in Petaluma.  To get there I wind through Occidental, then down Valley Ford Rd into town.  Coming down 116 just before Monte Rio, there was amazing fog that I stoppe for.  On the Bohemian Highway, there was some beautiful light at one stretch that I was happy to find.

After class, coming back I remembered a dilapitated chicken coupe that I wanted to shoot so I took a few pictures there.  Finally, coming back home up on Austin Creek Rd, there was this amazing boulder that looked to be 20 feet high.  It looks like as it settled into the earth, the surrounding trees had no choice but to yield and bend around the boulder.  Even in winter there is so much green and so much life!


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