Hawaii Day 1

My friend Jim Land moved to Hawaii 3 years ago and extended me an invite to come and visit him.  The last few months have been a pretty turbulent time in my life, and I took him up on his offer.  I flew out today  on an Alaska Airlines flight and sat with Nick, a partier/owner of a local deli here, and Peregrine, a young woman who was coming out to do “Wwoofing”.  I have not heard this term before and almost asked her if she meant she was going to inhale paint… apparently, Wwoofing is fairly common in Hawaii and some south American and Asian countries.  Wwoof = World wide opportunities on organic farms, is an unofficial work / share program popular with the environmental crowd that allows them to work in exchange for room and/or board.   I had some nice conversations with both of them.

I arrived at around noon Hawaii time and was picked up by Jim’s daughter.  It was a lovely drive, about an hour long to his place in Hawi, on the Big island of Hawaii.  Jim came home shortly after we got there and he needed to rush back to a job.  He does landscaping out here and needed to move about 150 feet of fence and water some young coconut trees.  I happily volunteered to help and did the watering while he prepared the fence.  While I watered, I did body weight squats in the Hawaiian sun to count out the amount of time I needed to water each tree and logged them in my fitocracy.com prfile.  Then we put the fence stakes and ran electric wire on them to keep the goats (there are 3) away from the coconut trees.  It was good to show gratitude to my friend and I will look forward to doing some more stuff like that while i’m here. We came home to his house and enjoyed a steak dinner with his lovely wife Leah and his 4 daughters.

I am staying in his guest house.  The rain is coming down as I type.  I got to shower in his outside shower.  It is too beautiful to describe and do it justice.  There are orchids growing around the shower and one peering into the actual stall.  It is truly glorious here.

Tomorrow Jim will be taking me to where King Kamehameha lived and we will do some T’ai Chi on the beach, and hopefully watch the sun rise.  My friend and coworker Marilyn is on the island and will be close tomorrow so I may get together with her and her friend for dinner in a town close to here.

Tomorrow I hope to post many pics. 🙂


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