1000 Sword Cut challenge

Who’s in?  Including today we have 52 days left in the year. In 2010 I did 1000 cuts exactly one time and I’d like to do that again at least once this year.  Simply do the following: Pick up your sword, staff, nun chuks, escrima sticks, naginata, or broadsword and swing it a 1000 times.  Then come back and comment here on the date you completed, OR, just comment back here and say “got 329 cuts today” and work up from there.  Maybe some of you will scoff at this.  Maybe you are already doing this.  I’m not, but it would be fun to have a virtual group effort.

Cmon all, this’ll be fun.  BTW, I got a little over 400 in this AM.


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  1. markdeso says:

    And 1000 cuts were done this AM. 😀

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