My New Macbook Pro

I’ve always been a mac fan but never considered a macbook until recently.  I’m so amazed at my new mac notebook though.  The track pad and the multi fingered gestures are awesome.  Some things like “pushing” the page up with a two finger gesture vs “pulling” the page down with a mouse pointer on a scroll bar were a little hard to get used to at first but once I understood it, the ergonomics of the multi fingered gestures are far superior to the mouse.

I’m still getting used to OS Lion but the power behind this laptop is awesome.  I thought that 13″ monitor would be too small but it’s fine and is the perfect compromise between portability vs functionality.  I bought it stock with 4 GB of ram but my friend Johnny Tran showed me that I can buy 8 GB upgrade kits for 50 bucks.

I’m very pleased and have almost all of the hardware I need to start working on my documentary about Aikido in Sonoma County, California.  Final Cut Pro, 2 TB drive and a shot gun mic and I’m all set.  🙂


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