Road to 1st Kyu – Week 3 day 2

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Sensei worked with us on the ikkyo through yonkyo series last nite as well as koshi nage. Koshi nage is a throw similar to many Judo throws. We don’t practice this much in our dojo and so we started literally from the ground up. We did a falling practice, first slapping the mat, then rocking back and forth on each side and slapping, then a roll into a fall, slapping the mat instead of coming up.

I practiced these types of falls when i was a kid doing Danzan Ryu Ju Jitsu and still appreciate Sensei’s perspective on falling correctly. I always welcome going back to basics. It used to not be that way for me. I always wanted to “get to the good stuff” without realizing that it’s all good stuff.

In O’ Sensei’s biography, the author writes about a demonstration O’ Sensei gave with the spear, moving 20 bales of rice from east to north and west to south. The audience was very impressed with this feat of strength. However, the author writes, “For O’ Sensei, this was merely a representative ability grounded on his daily training.” I like how the author points this out and I believe that while we should rise to the occasion on tests, it should be in fact a “representative ability grounded on our daily training.” Now to find my spear and those rice bales…

Today, I’d like to leave off with the following beautiful thought that the author quotes to us:

Tori mono iwazu. Shita onozukara kei wo nasu (Trees full of peach and plum blossoms don’t have to speak to invite visitors; people will forge paths to where they are).


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