Road to 1st Kyu – Week 2 Day 3

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Attendance is up at the Dojo! We have 3 new students, two of which are brand new on the mat, and the other a Nidan. It’s always good to get fresh blood in the Dojo. I love the people I train with but we start to get used to each other, how we do and receive techniques. New people give us the opportunity for a new perspective. It’s not that different than playing with the same musicians day in and day out and then introducing a new person behind the drums. A whole new dynamic is created, sometimes just by having them in the same room.

Today, Sensei is finishing up his series on the three states he calls “La la land”, “neutral zone” and “the embodied state”. The techniques we practiced today were from the morote dori attack. Sensei made an interesting point about the fact that whatever state we normally operate in, we will most likely gravitate back to it. To combat this, we try and just simply catch these glitches, become aware of them and then work towards moving towards a fuller sense of self.

We had a nice training day today. The gentleman from Greece will be going home after this weekend and has invited all of us to where he is staying for a little party he’s having on Sunday as a thank you for the opportunity to train.

O’ Sensei’s biography is still pretty captivating. The author makes a point of how O’ Sensei devoted his time during his tutelage underHe writes that Sokaku Takeda, who introduced him to Daito Ryu Ju Jitsu. He writes “Master Takeda’s marrtial techniques were impressive, but O’ Sensei’s devotion was even more impressive.” Even as a student, O’ Sensei shows the importance of deference and respect to one’s teacher.


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