Road to 1st Kyu – Week 1 Day 1

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A few months ago I wrote a series of blogs to get me back into the gym and be consistant. That seemed to work well for me. Subsequently, stopping that process has allowed other things in my life to come before my time in the gym, so I’m starting up again.

This time however, I am preparing for my 1st Kyu test at the Aikido dojo I attend. I am inspired by some of my friends on the net and the chronicling of their experiences with their challenges, whether it’s learning a new technique or preparing for a test.

In preparation of my last test at 2nd kyu, I took a different view. Rather than “I have to prepare for my test and be good enough” I took the perspective of my test as a gift back to my school. The people that I train with from a few days off the mat through Yondan to Sensei have all had a part in my preparation and my ability. My test is a gift back to all of them to show them my appreciation for what has been learned on the mat.

So my posts for the coming weeks will be more frequent. They may or may not be more vocal. But I use this as a motivational tool and a way to keep me focused.

Onegai shimasu!


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  1. Linda Eskin says:

    Awesome, Mark! I love your attitude about the test. Looking forward to reading your posts.Linda

  2. Wayne says:

    Simply vocalizing it or blogging about it does wonders for keeping yourself motivated to get it done and excel! I have no doubt about your abilities, sir!

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