Week 4 Day 3 – patience

Today I completed my last work out of my 4th week. I am seeing the benefits of being more consistent in my training. I keep on adding weight, even just a little at a time. I’m also managing to get back to the dojo a few times a week. Currently, my schedule looks something like:

m – 30 min circuit, Aikido class at nite
W – 30 min circuit
Th – Aikido
F – 30 min circuit
S – Aikido

I’ve also started “brisk walks” around my campus at work. Walking is a simple thing that I keep on forgetting to do. Recently we added .25 mile markers. Once around is 1.2 miles and takes about 20 min walking briskly. I can fit that in too.

So things are good. Consistency helps in many different areas, my work, my social life, and lately, I’ve been feeling pretty good being more active. Next week, in the spirit of patience and not overdoing it. i’ll just add a few walks.


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