So now I’m on the far side of my 40s


A couple of days ago I celebrated my 46th birthday. The day before my sweet friend Tania took me to a wonderful dinner. I contemplated a couple of things I wanted to do on my birthday, and decided that I wanted to celebrate it alone, in my new home. For anyone that follows me on twitter or has friended me on facebook, they know that I have recently purchased a bank owned property, spent a couple of weeks painting and cleaning, and finally moved over the 4th of July weekend.

I wanted to make this a creative environment, so I took the time to paint the down stairs a combination of Butterfield Yellow, Jalapeno Red, and Sage Green. That, combined with a burgundy couch sold to me by my friend Rochana, an 8′ x 11′ rug I found on craigslist, my photos and a couple guitars hung on the wall (also aided by above mentioned friend Tania), and I think I have a nice place to come home to.

A big part of this was having my son help me. I wanted him to build some sweat equity into this place and feel that he worked to create the environment that we have. He really stepped up and did a great job. He was focused, willing and a very hard worker. I hope that he remembers this for the rest of his life.

So back to my birthday. I really wanted to spend the time at home. I planned on going to Aikido class, but had a few more things I needed to do at home. So my birthday was spent like any other day. Sorting some things, hanging out on facebook and twitter. It was also spent in quiet contemplation of some goals I’ve achieved, thanking God and being grateful for the friends and family I have, the job that I go to, and the many wonderful teachers in my life. My birthday was spent like any other day, or at least most days. If I can do that on most days, then my life is pretty wonderful.


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  1. chanty says:

    Well spent and well saidLove,Mom

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