3 times a week, no more, no less

IMG_8394-640pxI started back at the gym on May 7th with my mantra “3 times a week, no more no less” and I completed 4 weeks without breaking my schedule. Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday. No more, no less. Now I’m at the end of the month and I’m going to start a new mantra: “Just a little more.” Last year, I trained for my shodan test in Aikido and ended up taking my test twice, once in March and then again in June.

This year, I’m training to simply keep up with my son going down the path to Pololu Valley or on the trek to Kiholo Bay. What ever the reason, I’m glad I’m back. I am glad that I don’t have as much pain as I did in the later months of last year. I’m glad that I’m taking my training in a slow and mindful way, keeping my back, shoulders and knees in focus as I exercise.

For a few months I was not sure I could do this again. It was hard for me to walk without pain, hard for me to sit at my desk, hard for me to roll around on the Aikido mat, hard for me to do anything but be on my back, and even that was hard.

But I’m feeling better, and the short, half hour sessions at my gym 3x a week are starting to help. I was able to get up and down on rocks at the tide pools yesterday in Moss Beach to take pictures. So, I’m glad that I’m on the road to feeling better and being active again.

For June, my mantra:  Just a little more may mean one extra day, moving a half hour session to 45 minutes 2x a week, getting to all 3 Aikido classes in a week, but I’ll do “just a little more.”  A long time ago, when I was affiliated with a support group, they had a saying, “We aim for progress and not perfection.”  I think this is a good thing to adopt to aid my mantra for the month of June.  So, with that, good bye May, hello June, I will apply myself “Just a little more.”


Throw Far, Son

I see you line yourself up inside the circle.  You are focused, your face full of intent.  You hold the discus and spin it back and forth between both hands.  You square up, wind up, unwind, step, step and hurl.  The discus flies.  You do this again and again.  I don’t know your sport.  I may have watched it a couple of times in the olympics but never really concentrated on it, till now.

You would tell me, “dad you don’t have to come to my meets.  It’s not a big deal.”  I made the mistake of believing you, till now.  It is a big deal.  I am sorry that I was not there before.  I am here now though.  You are poetry and grace and beauty in motion, son.  There is nothing that you can do to make me prouder or love you more.  You are whole and perfect as you are.  But that said, I love watching you excel.  I love watching the beauty of your perfect and impeccable form.  I love seeing you have such a mixture of smoothness, precision and such raw power that allows you to fly that discus free and to the far reaches of the field.

I asked you what was after this meet.  You told me that the North Coast Section will be held this next week.  You are going.  You placed in the top 5.  I asked you what was after that.  You told me this, “State is after this, but I know I won’t be going to that.”  Let me tell you something.  You do not know this.  you do not know and won’t know until this next meet.  And until you don’t know, until you hear the call of the ref saying that your distance was not far enough, you don’t know.  There are so many variables.  A gust of wind, perfect form, or just brute strength and intention could put you over the top.  Please do not count yourself out until you know.

I will be there for you on Friday.  I will be there with my camera and iPhone taking pictures and video.  I will be rooting for you.  I will love you whether you came in last or first.  I will be proud of you and hold my head up simply because you are a great and amazing kid.  I will love you as I’ve loved you since you were in your mother’s tummy.

Now, throw far, son.  I am with you, your school is behind you, your friends are behind you, we want you to succeed.  Throw far, son.